Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new little nursery

I think I will list this in my etsy shop when I'm finished. I plan to offer to personalize it with photos and a little certificate with birth details. I just got the basics finished today. I still have all the little bits to make and a baby, too.
I'm happy with the finished hutch. It's a Michael's one with the doors removed. I replaced the wooden drawer pulls with flower beads. All I added to the hutch today were the two neatly folded receiving blankets. I've got lots of shelves to fill, including the one over the window.

Making that back wall was a challenge. I don't have a scroll saw. I have a hack saw and another small handsaw. Getting the curves cut was interesting. :)


Lainie's Little Things said...

Looks great! I finally bought a scroll saw. I haven't used it yet. Kinda skeered. Love the window treatment. Did you do the bassinet yourself? It's perfect.

De said...

Thank you! I did make the bassinet from a plastic cake decoration. The legs had broken off so I made new ones and then made the skirt for it.

Margaret said...

It is so pretty you've done well and those curves look pretty good to me.

De said...

Thank you, Margaret!

Kim said...

De- this is adorable- and what a good idea to offer it personalized! I love the curved walls- well worth the effort! I like the valance (right word?) on the curtains too- very cute!

Ascension said...

Te esta quedando preciosa!!!
Me encanta la cuna y las cortinas.
besitos ascension

De said...

Thank you!