Friday, July 16, 2010

I think I'm cross-eyed now

I just finished sorting all of my photos on my computer. I spent about 5 hours on it today and at least 4 yesterday but now I can find the photo I'm looking for in just a short time. Everything is grouped together by category or project and some things are cross referenced. It's going to be very worth the time spent.

I did have a little time for mini-ing today. I redid the four poster beds in the 70s house. That house represents the house I grew up in and the beds were in the room I shared with my sister. I originally made the posts with stacked beads and the headboard with foam core but I was never happy with them. Today I redid the head and foot boards with scrap wood and the posts with chopsticks.All of the toys in this bedroom represent ones I really had. The doll on the floor is dressed in an outfit similar to my doll Wendy's. The fashion doll case looks just like mine. The dollhouse represents my mom's tin lithographed one that she let us play with.

Earlier in the week, I refinished the bed in Magnolia Way yet again. I didn't like the muddy gray color I ended up with last time. I love the black "iron" with brass trim, though. The contrast against the walls and between the bed and the white spread is just right.


Kathi said...

How pretty! I really like what you did with the poster beds. Your white curtains are lovely! What did you use to make them?
I have a crocheted bedspread like this. My grandmother made it. I always loved changing the color of the sheet underneath. Did you make that too?! :D

Anonymous said...

You have been busy De! The changes look very good.

Now, I only have about 8000 pics that need sorting ... I'll send them to you!!


De said...

Thank you both!

Kathi, the curtains are actually cut from a vintage negligee. The valances were made from a double ruffle trim. My mom made the crocheted bedspread for me.

Sorry, Tom, but you'll have to sort your own photos. :)