Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage sale makeovers in mini

I found this cup and saucer while garage sale shopping with my oldest a couple of weeks ago. I turned it into a mini garden. For my attempt I think it turned out well. I already have another cup/saucer set from this round of garage sales. I'm going to make some for gifts.
My middle name is Rose so the flowers on this cup are perfect. :)
I found this doily at my favorite consignment shop last week. I like it much better than the previous one for Harriet's bed in the boarding house. The scale is more appropriate and the blue looks good with her wallpaper.
This is the Avon bath oil bottle wash stand I found over the weekend. I added painted touches to the pitcher and bowl and used a brown glaze (several layers) to give a wood effect to the bottle. I love how it looks in the Victorian Cottage bedroom.
The little angel doll also got a makeover. I used her dress to make a pinafore and dressed her in Victorian style. At the moment she's the daughter of the cook/maid for the Victorian Cottage. I'm not sure if this is her permanent home, yet.


April said...

Sweet little projects!
The teacup garden is darling--and I love what you did to the little redhead doll! :)

Maria Ireland said...

I love the garden in the teacup what a great idea. I am sure that whoever gets them as gifts will be very happy.The little angel doll is so cute. :)

Brandy Rose said...

I love the idea for the wood look on the floor. I'm currently fixing up a dollhouse I bought for $15 at a 2nd hand shop. I love cheap finds like that!

Kathi said...

Beautiful bedding! Love the gardens in teacups too. Such a cute idea!

Vendaval said...

¡¡Me encanta la taza!! Es un mini escena preciosa y delicada.
Un saludo