Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you, Peggy!

My blog giveaway gifts arrived from Peggy today but first I'll show you some of today's projects. I've never been happy with my fabric choice for the skirt in Harriet's boarding house kitchen and the cabinet to the left of the sink had large bead feet that looked very out of scale. I took care of both issues today. I added the pipes under the sink and stained the wood frame and decided to leave the skirt completely off. I like the streamlined look very much. I also ripped off the beads and added a simple black frame under the cabinet instead of feet. The height is elevated but nothing looks bulky or over scaled.
I added a cream print wing chair, an end table and a tray of candles to the living room set. I think I will also include the "rug" which I think is a wallpaper sample. It looks like a braid rug. I've fallen in love with this set but I do hope it sells. BTW, the end table base was made from a champagne cage. I colored it black with a permanent marker, leaving some of the base metal color showing, then I added a top made from a square woodsie that I stained a dark, rich brown. The candle tray used to be an earring and the candles are made from pencil erasers.
And the best part of the whole day was opening this wonderful package of goodies from Peggy. Each little item was wrapped in the floral wrapping paper and carefully packed in the beautiful box. Even the card is pretty. Thank you so much, Peggy. You made my day! I think most items will end up in Magnolia Way as it's my "elegant" dollhouse and your gifts will be absolutely perfect inside. I didn't get to open the package until late this evening but it was a wonderful way to end a not so wonderful day. Thanks again! :)


Brandy Rose said...

I love your kitchen very much!

De said...

Thank you! It's one of my favorite rooms, too. :)

Peggy said...

It took a while! I'm so happy to see the package arrived safely and in one piece. Enjoy!

Kim said...

I love how the sink looks- I think it is fun to see the plumbing -and your living room set turned out so pretty. The side table is fantastic! The goodies from Peggy are so beautiful- I love the chair! What a great ending to your day! I've got to scroll up and see how they look in Magnolia Way now :)