Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's all in the details

One of which involved moving the buttons on Lou's shirt to the correct side. :) I never remember which side is for women and which for men and I never seem to be wearing a shirt with buttons when I need to know, lol. While I was doing that I added a placket to the button hole side. I also pulled threads from the denim to add seaming for the fly, front slash pockets and outside seams.
I added back pockets with a "used" bandana handkerchief hanging out of one of them.
I wanted to make sure he would sit like he was slumped up against a building - gotta have posing options, you know. ;)

Thank you all for your kind words about Lou. It's so exciting for me when I can really see progress in my doll making skills. Lou makes me smile.


Brandy Rose said...

He is sooo cute!

Susi said...

Me encanta el bolsillo trasero con su paƱuelo, y no se ayudarte con la abotonadura de la camisa, tampoco se a q lado van, un beso.

A. Wright said...

He's fantastic De! Really your best one yet :)

Mary said...

He has so much character, great job.

Lataina said...

so great! love it!! =)

De said...

Thank you all!