Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A green thumb

 I knew I wanted a plant stand for the living room bay window. I found this one and this one on Pinterest and and they were my inspiration pieces. I am happy with the result but not as happy with how miniatures sometimes look in large photos, lol. The bit of fuzz has been removed from the ivy plant. The white edges at the bottom of the paneling are not visible when viewing the house normally. Please try to ignore them now!
The African violet in the red pot is the only one that took any time to make. I'm borrowing that one from my Zibbet shop at the moment. The others are just bits of 1:1 fake plants or wire and floral tape. They fill the plant stand very nicely, though, and show Mrs. Sherwood's green thumb.

I still need a few more pieces for the walls but I think I've finished all the major projects for this house. It's been a really fun house to do because I know I won't ever live in a real house like this. Soon it will be time to move on to the next project...


AM Minnaard said...

Hi DE, oh... pinterest ;) to much inspiration on there :) My mind Always goes on overdrive when I am browsing pinterest. Love the table and the plants. In love with the pattern on the floor!!! Can't wait to see your next project. Wishing you a great day. greetings AM

Giac said...

Hello De,
The stand is lovely. Well done!
Big hug