Saturday, February 27, 2016

Date day!

Hubby and I enjoyed a day out today. We did a little shopping, ran some errands, had lunch out, and looked for new living room furniture. One of our stops was Hobby Lobby. I found a couple of LED ceiling fixtures to use in the Westville. I bought the only two the store had but I will order more. At only $12.99 they are a bargain. HBS has one just like it for about $20. I think I can add paper shades if I want to change the look but the style is simple enough to use as is. You can see the difference the lights make.
With an overhead light and the lighted TV the living room looks quite cozy.

The light in the kitchen makes a huge difference. This photo was taken without the flash.

I may add shades to these later. That's will be really easy since these lights are magnetic. Bedroom and hall lights will be coming soon!

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Audra said...

The light is great. I have painted the brass t also change the look.
I believe hobby lobby runs a 50% off on minis twice a year.