Monday, February 1, 2016

Brick by brick

Well, not really since I am using brick sheets sold for Christmas villages, LOL. I've got a good start and I've done the hardest bit, I think. I will add other colors to the brick and I'll be adding trim around the bay window but I think I like the overall look.
Just getting started  - and why did I not think to paint the underside of the roof before I started the brick work?

It's moving along fairly quickly. I'm learning as I go. Perhaps I should have started with a side first...

I still have the area over the porch to do. 

Once all the brick is on I will add paint to give the bricks some variation. The paint will also cut some of the shine, although it doesn't look as shiny in real light as it does in the photos. I really like the fishscale peak shingles.They came with the house my friend Susan found at the thrift store. That one became the French Country house. This house was a gift from another friend, Norene. I am truly blessed to have non mini friends who understand my passion. :-)

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