Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tiny changes

 No, the roof isn't really finished. I slapped on a quick coat of black so I could get a better idea of what the finished house will look like. I didn't get anymore of the brick done but I worked a bit on the porch roof and the one on the bay window. I also decided to make the front door solid blue. That was a good choice. It looks so much better.
 The door hardware was the next step. I found a gold snowflake sticker and cut the side "rays" down to turn it into a starburst. I added a gold bead doorknob and now it's the perfect mid century modern finishing touch. The inside knob has a regular backplate but looks good, too.
With this much finished I am getting anxious to get the rest of the brick done. I'm really happy with this house so far. The bonus of the day was finding a chart for mid century exterior house colors. A dark red like this brick with a blue very similar to the one I've chosen was one of the color combos on the chart. Win!

I'll be back tomorrow with another update - same Bat channel, same Bat time! LOL

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Giac said...

Hello DE,
It is coming together fast. It will be a beautiful house...already is.
Big hug