Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anyone for tea?

Today's project was this tea set for my friend, Theresa. She's working on her first dollhouse, a Duracraft Marquam Hill. She was hoping to work on it through the winter but that didn't go as planned so I'm giving her this sofa, table and tea setting to inspire her to complete her house. I don't have any other miniature friends close by so I am working hard to convert her. :-) I made the sofa for an earlier project but it was too large for the room so I had to make another one. I really like how this one turned out. It's both cozy and elegant. The book on the sofa is made of polymer clay with a real leather cover.

The teapot and cookie plate are both made of polymer clay. The cups and saucers started life as inexpensive metal spatterware. All of the items were given a coat of metallic blue paint and edged with gold. The gold tray is made from a necklace pendant. The tea hasn't dried yet but it's amber Gallery Glass paint.


Brenda said...

De, it's very pretty and cozy. I love the couch. It's red, you know.

De said...

Thanks, Brenda. I like red, too, but I prefer it in my clothing rather than in my decorating scheme. But both of my daughters have red walls in their bedrooms at home.