Friday, February 6, 2009

Dreaming of spring

Here in Indiana, we've had snow on the ground since December. I love winter but even diehard winter fans are beginning to dream of spring. In farm country, spring means planting season. I made this garden center in a watering can last year. Several friends from the Small World miniatures forum contributed items. This was my first attempt at landscaping and I'm actually very happy with it. The mulch and soil are made from dried tea and the grass is the landscaping foam sold for that purpose. I made the store fixtures from scratch. The seed rack is made from clothespin halves glued around a dowel. The shelf and potting bench are made from miscellaneous wood scraps. I made the plants from various bits of silk and plastic plants. Some of the pots are actual mini plant pots but some are made from found objects. This was such a fun project and when I look at it I think of all of the friends who contributed items for it. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse of spring.


TreeFeathers said...

Yay, I can comment! :) Welcome to the blogosphere, Deana, can't wait to see all your projects here!

Debbie said...

Brilliant project, such attention to detail..
Mini Hugs

rosanna said...

How beautyful and original.
Welcome, I'm a newly blogger as well and I'll look forward your new projects. :o))

De said...

Thank you!

NATTY said...

SO cute and creative! That is so fun!
I was just looking at other landscape decor. I have come up with a few myself.
you should check out