Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catch up day at home

I was sick most of last week and out with hubby yesterday so today is a catch up day. The laundry is washing and drying, everyone's been fed and I get a little time on the computer. I'm hoping to start on a new project later this week but for now I'll have to show you another completed one.
Last summer we had a "back porch" swap on the Small World mini forum. I wanted to be able to display all of the items together so I made a back porch. I made the red lawn chair for the swap. Brenda (Brenda's Miniatures blog) made the cat, the hedgehog, the flyswatter and the jar of tadpoles; Grace (Treefeathers) made the butterfly book and the jar with monarch and caterpillars; Sandy made the sun plaque and crocs; Jayne (Tallulahbelle Miniatures) made the wall planter of geraniums and ivy; Patti made the garden gnome; Cary made the gazing ball and folding canvas chair; Gaye (My Small Obsession) made the basket of shells and the plaque to the right of the door; Lana made the fishing pole and the trellis. I built the porch from scratch using foamcore for the wall and a scrap piece of mdf for the floor. The door is a Chrysbon kit and I used the interior trim to make the window frame. The kitchen you see through the windows is a magazine picture.
I did all of the landscaping and made the bird feeder and shepherd's hook. The cabinet on the porch is the lower half of a Michael's hutch. The garden hose on the bottom shelf is green wire with jewelry findings for the ends. The ladder is a Hallmark Christmas ornament with the paint colors changed to match the porch trim. The green pot for the hanging plant on the left is a reminder for me to shut off the teakettle. I went shopping one day for several hours and came home (luckily I still had a home!) to find the stove still on, the kettle dry and the kettle knob blown off the lid. The knob is now the green pot.
So now that our snow has all melted and the grass is looking green here's a glimpse of the weather that's coming...eventually. It is still February after all.


MiniMaker said...

You did such a great job on the porch, everything is displayed so well!

TreeFeathers said...

Wow, all our swap stuff looks great on your porch! :D

De said...

Thank you!