Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making cherry pie

After showing my sad little birthday cake I decided that I need to show that I can make mini food sometimes. :0) This little scene shows a cherry pie in progress. This is a very easy way to make the cherry filling - I mixed tiny pink glass beads with red Gallery Glass paint. The picture was taken before the glass paint had completely dried but once it is dry it looks very much like the real thing. The pie crust is made of sculpey polymer clay. An example of what you can find when you explore the hardware section is the pie tin. It's actually some sort of inset drawer pull. I've only been able to find them in brass but a friend has found them in a silver finish which looks even more like the real thing. For flour, I used cornstarch baby powder. I sprayed adhesive on the table top before adding anything else and sprinkled the powder over the table. Gently pat it in place and blow off the extra. Then you can glue the other elements in place using regular tacky glue. I made the "wooden" spoon and mixing bowl from sculpey also. The table was made from square dowels, skinny sticks and a scrap piece of wood. It had previously been painted white so I sanded it, distressed it (using an exacto knife I scraped off small pieces on the edges and gouged the top a bit) and then stained it. The stain is darker in the distressed areas. The finished table looks like an old kitchen work table, well worn but still sturdy.

I also made the hutch in the scene. It actually started out as an armoire made from heavy cardboard. It was too big for the place I wanted to use it so I made it into a hutch. Eventually I replaced it in that dollhouse so I refinished it with crackle medium. I'm very pleased with the outcome. It was kind of an experiment...and this one turned out well. All of the items in this scene are now in the UK ready to go into my friend Tina's country cottage.

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