Friday, September 11, 2009

Harriet you?

In memory of all who lost their lives eight years ago.


Kathi said...

Yes, I remember. I remember the exact spot where I was standing when I heard the news too.
Blessings to all of the survivors and their families and also to those who lost so much.

Deni said...

Oh I adore your little lady!
Did you make her? I so want to make another few dolls.
I have the sculpy but not game enough to start from scratch, maybe I will use my mould and change that a bit!
But she is quite interesting isn't she?

De said...

Thank you, Deni. Yes, I did make Harriet. Her face was made using a push mold that I altered a little. I've gotten braver and most of my recent dolls have been sculpted from scratch, like my newest doll, Kate.

Deni said...

Yes the Push moulds are safer lol!
I am thinking maybe to buy a set of push moulds, I only have one and I made The mill man from that one, so it is too manly!
Kate is cute too, your doing a great job!