Sunday, September 6, 2009

A new doll

Meet Louise Thurgood. Her good friends call her Lou but only those who’ve known her since childhood can get away with calling her Lulu. Louise is a widow but her husband left her financially secure and with plenty to spare. She spends her days attending meetings as a board member of several philanthropic organizations and working out to keep the trim figure she had as a young woman.

Louise is my newest etsy listing. I also listed the tree stump fairy house. Louise is the most accurately scaled doll I've done so far. She seems so dainty compared to some of my others! I used Kato polymer clay again. I like the way the clay looks after baking 'cause it has a faint sheen. I do not like the little cracks that the heads have after baking, however. I did figure out a good way to fix them, though. I painted over the cracks with liquid Sculpey and rebaked and the cracks were gone. I think sculpting and blending are much more difficult, too. I guess I'll go back to my Super Sculpey. My hands are always cold and I have a hard time warming the Kato enough to work with it. I'm happy with the final results so I guess the struggles were worth the work. :-)

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