Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am finally making some progress on the cabin. I still need to add the little log tabs to the ends of the logs to finish them and finish the window and door. I think I need to chink the logs to make it more authentic and to fill in the gaps from the few logs that were warped. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that. Oh, and I also need to make the part of the chimney that comes out of the roof.
This is the outside stonework for the fireplace. The field stone looks very nice against the "bark" on the logs, I think.
I added some gray ash and some small flames to my fire today. It looks much better now. I started experimenting a bit with the leftover logs this evening. I'm trying to figure out what furniture I need for such a small space.


Victoria said...

This cabin is going to be just great! I love the idea of constructing it like this, from scratch.It's very exciting I think.

Kim said...

It looks great De- I love the fireplace a lot!

De said...

Thank you!

Deni said...

Oh the log cabin is coming along nicely!
Fireplace looks really good
Take the easy way with the bed once it is covered noone sees it again!