Friday, February 5, 2010


Rebekah's had a busy day. She baked bread and an apple pie, started a stew simmering, milked the cow and then spent some time rearranging the furniture in the cabin. She's trying to find the best layout because James is working on a cradle and a rocking chair and Rebekah wants to fit them both in the little cabin. You can see the chamber pot peeking out from under the bed. (Thanks for the idea, Doreen!)
Evidence of a busy morning -a bucket of milk, a fresh loaf of bread and a pie. But those dishes in the basin still need to be washed!
Rebekah has put out the last of her special things from home. The vase on the mantel used to belong to her great great grandmother.
If she leaves the trunk under the window then where will the cradle go?
Ah, this will work.

The trunk was made from one of those clear plastic boxes with black lids that some miniatures come in. I lined the inside with vintage wallpaper and covered the outside with leather. The hinges and lock were made from jewelry findings.