Sunday, February 14, 2010

Play time

After a busy day, James and Rebekah finally sit down for supper. The stew simmered all day and is very good.
Now that everyone has received their garden swaps in my Small World group, I can show how I used a few of the items in and around my cabin. Brenda made the basket of beautiful heirloom tomatoes and the carrot. The loaf of bread is the best mini loaf I've ever made. :-)
Gary made the flowers. They look great in Rebekah's heirloom vase (made from a bead.)
This is a much better photo of the wood chopping area. I weathered the tree stump a little.
This little bunny was also made by Brenda. I showed a back view earlier. Isn't he cute? Even if he is nibbling on Rebekah's plants.


Kim said...

the cabin looks so great De- what a great job you did! I love all the swap items too :) Happy Valentines Day to you!!

De said...

Thank you, Kim!