Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm not so sure about this...

I come from a long line of crocheters. My mom has done some beautiful work and my daughter is now better than I am (and I'm the one who taught her, lol.) I've never learned to knit but today I spent an hour teaching myself via I only need to know the basics well enough to fake it. Next weekend I'm playing a character in a mystery dinner. She owns a yarn shop and has her knitting with her wherever she goes. This sample will not earn any prizes (unless one is awarded for the worst knitting ever!) but it will work for my purposes. Maybe it gets easier over time but I think crochet goes so much faster.

Not much new on the mini front this weekend. My project for next week will be to start the dolls, I think.

Today I'm wearing my Peyton Manning jersey and I'm ready for the Super Bowl party later this evening. Have a great day everyone!

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