Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's the details that really count

Teenage daughter, Polly, and the family dog, Georgi, are enjoying the newly completed exterior. A colonial style antique brass hanging lamp lights the front porch. "Concrete" benches add seating under the windows and the planter full of flowers adds a touch of color.
The bathroom is now complete with art, towels, lighting, and the all essential toilet paper.
The kitchen has an overhead light fixture, a green clock, and artwork over the table. I also made a small sink for the cabinets on the right. You've got to have running water!
It looks like Georgi needs to go back to obedience school. He's certainly not paying much attention to Polly. The living room got a new area rug, overhead lighting, a table lamp, artwork, and a really cool wall clock. There's a newspaper on the coffee table for when Dad gets home from work.


Kim said...

De- this house is wonderful! Your mother-in-law is not going to recognize it!! It's been really fun watching this house turn beautiful♥

De said...

Thank you, Kim, how sweet! It's been fun working on it, too. :-)

dale said...

I'm all caught up now. :)

De, I simply love what you have done with this house! I love how colorful you made it and I think wise idea to make it all child friendly.

Your use of wall papers and colors of the furniture make it such a happy home!

I love it, I'm moving in. lol ;)

De said...

Thank you, Dale!