Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes you're just not happy...

Every time I walked past Eddie in my craft room, I felt like something was missing. His face just didn't have any depth. So today I finally did something about it. I added some color washes to his face to highlight the lines and wrinkles on his face. I also added a five o'clock shadow.
Both were simple additions but I'm pleased with the finished look now. Maybe he'll quit yelling at me every time I walk past now, lol.

Tomorrow I'm off to Anderson, Indiana for a Junior High worship retreat. Our church is taking 35 kids and there will be around 1500 total. Always a great spiritual renewal for me and a lot of fun, too. I'm leaving tomorrow morning and won't be back till Saturday night. I'll check back in then. Have a great weekend everyone!


Ascension said...

Enhorabuena, lo has dejado todavia mas real!!!!
Pasate un fin de semana genial, seguro que con tantos niƱos no tendras tiempo de aburrirte.
besitos ascension

Deni said...

i think he is looking quite pleased now but he keeps looking at you De, lol
Have a lovely time!!!!

Kim said...

Love his new "shadow"! Have a wonderful time at the retreat De!

Deni said...

I have an award over at my blog for you!