Thursday, April 8, 2010

When hubby's away...

...I don't have enough sense to stop the play, lol. I was up until 3 am finishing the wallpaper and curtains. Luckily for me, school was closed due to a sewer line break so I could sleep in. This room is the master bedroom. I added a mirror to the vanity, turned one of the end tables into an upholstered vanity bench, added new bedding (and feet to the bed to raise it a little), and added the rocking chair (purchased at an antique/resale shop). The picture over the bed is the only artwork in the house so far. It's a photo from Katie at Katie's Clay Corner. The wallpaper in this room is actual dollhouse paper.
The little girl's room is definitely girly. :) The "chenille" bedspreads were cut from a very thin waffle weave fabric. Now I just need to add some personality via toys, artwork, etc.
The mirror over the double sinks is a scrapbook sticker. This room needs toilet paper, towels, etc.

I promised my mother-in-law that the house would look much different the next time she saw it. That is definitely the case. :-D


cockerina said...

Hello De, was a long time since I have not spent from your blog, sorry ...
how many beautiful things you have done in the meantime! Congratulations, everything is so small and pretty!
I ask you a question? but you sleep at night?? ha ha!
many kisses

Deni said...

Looking really great De

De said...

Thank you!