Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery House Family

I had to pick up a few things in town today. I made a pass through the toy department just for fun and found a Polly Pocket couple with extra clothes. They work well for the parents in the Mystery House. Since the teenage daughter is already named Polly, I'm calling the mom Paula. The dad's name is Todd. He's relaxing with the newspaper in the living room.
Paula is heading out to get some groceries to fill those bare cupboards.
Polly is just glad to have some casual clothes. She was getting really tired of wearing that dress all the time. :-)


My Realitty said...

You could paint her clothes or put little teeny flower stickers on them. I'm sure Todd and paula would ok it. :) CM

Kim said...

How cute De!

dale said...

De, they are just too cute. :)

So glad the house now has "occupants" Paula and Todd.

You know, if you whine it out a lot, those names are funny.

(not that I ever whine)


De said...

A mom, a dad, a teenage daughter, and a dog. Sounds like the perfect family. They're fun to play with, too. ;-)

dale said...

um.... I thought this was child friendly for the some day grandchildren.

Are you playing with them, De? LOL

Caught you! :)

Ascension said...

Me encantan los nuevos mienbros familiares, quedan muy bien en la casita y se les ve muy felices.
besitos ascension

~MiniMaker said...

De, the dollhouse is cute and I think Polly Pockets are fun too!:)

I put a link on my blog to your wall fountain tutorial as the featured tutorial. I plan on using the tutorial myself for the garden I'm going to start. I've spent most of my weekend looking at your aquarium garden, it's really very good!

De said...

Thanks, Gaye! I can't wait to see what you come up with. If you use Gary's bridge you can have a little stream.

~MiniMaker said...

I do plan to use Gary's bridge. I can't wait to see what I come up with too. LOL