Friday, April 2, 2010

Some of the furniture that came with it

But first, here's a one inch scale sandcastle that I made today from various "found" objects - a wine cork, 4 wooden spools, a wire nut, and 4 glue caps all glued together on a cardboard base. I painted it all a sandy brown color and sprayed it with spray adhesive and then sprinkled sand all over it. The path is lined with seashells.
This living room set came with the house. I will recover the cushions on the couch and chairs and I might repaint the table frames -either black or brass.
All of the drawers open on the nightstands and the dresser. I need to replace the mirror on the dresser and make new bedding. I dug through my stash of 1:16 extra furniture and found enough stuff to furnish the whole house. The finished house will be child safe for visiting children (and grandkids whenever I get some, :-D.)


Kathi said...

Great furniture! I love it just like it is!
Your sand castle is perfect. I made a little lamp a while ago doing the same thing with bits of wood and sand. Great minds think alike! LOL

De said...

Thank you, Kathi!