Monday, April 5, 2010

Let the remodeling begin!

Ok, so it's more like redecorating than remodeling but I spent some time on the living room furniture on Friday. The cushions have all been recovered in a retro looking print with turquoise, olive and dark purple on cream. The tables were all given a "brass" finish. The credenza on the back wall has had its legs shortened since the photo was taken. I'm pretending it's a combination TV and stereo like my aunt had in the 70s. It was originally just a white plastic dresser.
The yellow and green cabinet came with the house. I think it's really cool. :-)
The range and refrigerator have been accented with paint to look more realistic. They are some inexpensive pieces I had on hand.
I had the bathroom set on hand, too. It works very nicely for this house.

I've downloaded some wallpaper I am hoping to use and later this week I will start on that. First I need to paint the exterior of the house. I'm thinking a crisp white will be pretty with the columns on the front porch.


Kim said...

this is the cutest little house- love the accents you have added already De- the living room really looks great!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

How you find such wonders! But hey, I have found an estate of min's and am slowly buying them and trying to sell them. I listed several items on MOA yesterday and may have to list some on eBay.

This is a cool little project!


De said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Jody, the furniture I had on hand either came with the tin house hubby bought me or with lots of furniture I bought on ebay when filling the tin house with furniture more authentic to the period of the house.