Friday, April 2, 2010

The mystery house and a welcome!

Well, here's the mystery house. It's a two story homemade house in roughly 1:16 inch scale.
It was extremely dirty. This is after the first two cleaning, lol. It came with some plastic furniture that looks to be 1970s era. I think I'm going to use that theme in the clunky little house. Should be fun! More pics will follow. Hubby will be out of town the end of next week and this will be my project for then.

Also, please help me welcome Carey of Chicory Nits. She blogs about many things but be sure to check out her Easter Bunny house. It's adorable!


dale said...

Too funny! And I thought you didn't have room for anymore houses. ;)

Those round windows are rather interesting.

Hoping all is going well for you and yours, De.

Have a blessed Easter. :)

Kathi said...

How cool is that! LOVE the little round holes/windows! It looks like it should be a modern house. Check out Ebay for some great deals on modern furniture. If you don't follow Rum fur Room, go see what Oese does with her houses! Mini Modern has some great houses too.
This house just calls out for some funky furniture! Love it!

De said...

I haven't a clue where I'm gonna put it, Dale, but I just can't turn down a free dollhouse. ;-)

The furniture that came with it is gonna look good in it. I'm going to recover the couch cushions and make new bedding so I can do something more late 60s/early 70s. It will be fun.