Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the progress continues

I added some accessories to the living room area today. Magazines on the coffee table; pottery, books and art on the mantel. Pillows will be coming soon.
The kitchen cabinets and appliances are all printies. The stove is from - I made it shallower so that it's the same depth as the cabinets and fridge. They were made from a variation of the printies I posted last year. The lady of the house had some fun with painting her cabinets and used several shades of olive green. With all of the other work she and her husband are doing on their bungalow they couldn't afford a complete kitchen makeover so they just got new appliances and painted the old cupboards. The tile backsplash is alternating sunflower tiles and plain white ones. The disadvantage to using printables is that the doors and drawers don't open. The benefits are: less money (almost nothing!); I can choose any color I want; the stove has 4 burners instead of the two on most half scale stoves; I can have a double door fridge with an ice/water dispenser in the door (I don't have one in real life but I can pretend, lol); I can have as many cupboards as I feel like making; I even have a range hood and wall mounted cabinets. If I don't glue this set in I can try my hand at wooden cabinets if I want. For the most part I'm happy with the printies, though. The stove and fridge are more realistic than anything I could make with wood.

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