Friday, January 7, 2011

Not a mini but very cool

This is my oldest daughter's first sewing project. She's 22 but never really had an interest until now. She got a sewing machine for Christmas and the first project was this quilt made from squares cut out of her high school t shirts and sweatshirts from the various activities she was involved in. She used a black on cream polka dot flannel for the backing so the finished quilt is very cozy and warm.


TreeFeathers said...

What a cool idea for all those tees and sweatshirts! That is something she can treasure forever. Amazing job for a first sewing project, too, wow!

Hope you're all doing well, Happy New Year! :)

- Grace

Minnie Kitchen said...

wow! that is amazing!!! very talented like her mother :)

April said...

I have wanted to do this with kids' clothes. . . maybe one day!
It looks really good!

Kathi said...

Beautiful quilt! Your daughter did an amazing job! I'm sure she loves it!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Her quilt is Awesome! I love the colors, great job!

Victoria ♥

De said...

Thanks, everyone. Your lovely comments made my daughter smile. :-)