Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few steps back in time

This is the Canterbury dollhouse I built when I was pregnant for my middle child. She's going to be 21 in March so this house has been around for awhile. It was only the second dollhouse I'd ever built. The rooms are so tiny that I never really got around to making decent appliances for it.
Today I sacrificed a couple of my last Michael's hutches to take care of that.
This is Elizabeth Greene making some stew in her new kitchen. This unit holds the sink, cook top, oven and cabinets.
The unit on the opposite wall holds a mini fridge and cabinets.
Elizabeth's husband, Martin, is playing with one of the grandkids. Elizabeth and Martin are the first polymer clay dolls I ever made. They are kind of large for this little house and they are very simply made but they're special because they were the first. I'm proud of this little house. It was only my second mini project but I reupholstered the furniture and made rugs. I made my own trim for the inside and sewed all of the curtains. If I were ever to make another of these kits I think I'd use it for some type of store instead of a house since the rooms are so small, especially on the top floor.

I'd love to see some of your early projects, too. It's fun to see how much we've grown in our abilities over the years.


Kikka said...

Your Canterbury dollhouse looks so homey! I can almost get the feeling of your family living in there...

Lady Jane said...

Too cute!!! I love the ideas for the hutches. I never would have thought to put the stove and sink into the hutch. Great Brain!!!

De said...

Thank you both!