Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just playing

I made some clay pots and added various plant materials and then arranged the furniture into "rooms." The fabric under the bedroom set came from the swap box. I was planning to make toss pillows for the living room but I think it makes a great rug...hmm. The fern leaves were cut from a real life plastic plant. I also added the top trim pieces to the bed today. It looks more finished now, I think.
The living room will have the large floor plant potted in a terra cotta bead, a fern on a plant stand (made like the previous fern) and a smaller plant in a clay bowl (made with reindeer moss.) I will add some throw pillows to the couches when I actually decorate the house. The walls will probably be a pale olive in the living room.
The dining room has a vase of flowers - a really cool stained glass looking bead - and a gold trimmed terra cotta teapot. I made the teapot from polymer clay as well as all the pots except for the bead I used for the floor plant.

It's fun just to arrange and rearrange - it helps me to get ideas for the finished rooms.

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April said...

"real life plastic plant"

my oldest daughter is experimenting with real-life plants in mini gardens. she amazes me with her patience, and some things have actually WORKED.
maybe she will let me blog about it sometime.

your accessories are really adorable--THAT TEAPOT! oh, MY.