Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New half scale treasures

The Small World online forum that I belong to has a traveling round robin swap box. When it arrives you take out anything you are interested in and add anything you want to clear out of your stash. The box arrived today and look what I found! The grandfather clock is one of the weird scale things you can find at Dollar Tree. I cut off some of the bulky extra wood and sanded off the glossy finish. I used some dimensional gel on the clock face to represent glass. It's going to look great in the dining or living area. The treadle sewing machine needed a bit of work, too. The hand wheel was broken so I made a new one from a circle of tooling foil. The top was brass so I painted it to look like wood and added some painted "thread" to the machine. Now it's ready for a project. The wringer washer is a fridge magnet. I'm not sure if I will use it in the bungalow but it's cute so I kept it for now. If I don't use it, it can always go back in the box next time around, lol.

I also found some fabric for pillows and some beads for light shades, pots and candles. At this rate I'll have all the interior decor figured out long before my birthday. :)


A. Wright said...

Wow De, Great find!

Lataina said...

A traveling swap box......what an awesome idea!!!!