Monday, January 31, 2011

More lights and more snow

This is the kitchen ceiling light again. I rotated the photo so it looks as though it's actually hanging.
The living room ceiling fan turned out really well. The ceiling mount is part of a button and the fan blades are cardstock.
This is the wall mounted lamp for over the bed. I made it with a combination of beads, wire and paint.
This photo is fuzzy but it's the ceiling fixture for the bedroom. The bead I used for the globe has soft stained glass looking shapes in blue and pink. It's a really pretty bead.

We're currently under a winter storm warning. We could get up to 20 inches of snow! I'd actually enjoy being snowed in. The only problem is that hubby is the ham radio emergency coordinator for our county and he's likely to have to be out in the nastiness. Stay warm and safe wherever you are!


~MiniMaker said...

Those light are fantastic!

De said...

Thank you, Gaye!