Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aged to perfection

I ran out of siding but that didn't stop me from painting and aging the areas I had finished. Remember this is an old house purchased by a young couple. They've put all their time and money into making the interior a comfortable home. The exterior is still shabby and worn. I mixed a custom dark purple/eggplant color. I love the green door with the purple.
This side is finished - I've sanded it a bit more since the photo was taken. I think I'm going to use an aged brick paper for the foundation. The same brick I used on the chimney in the third floor room.

Now that I've got this much done I can't wait to get it finished. Once the exterior is done I will work on curtains and accessories to make it their home. I also need to make or purchase the couple.


Anonymous said...

Looking good :)

Carla Alessandra said...

Sua casinha esta ficando muito bonita.Adorei

De said...

Thank you!