Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why do you always run out of a crucial item ...

...when you're almost finished?I got one side wall completely sided and the front is sided as far as the porch. The door is new as of last night. I used pieces of a fruit crate to create 2 doors and the replacement piece for the roof.
This wall is completely sided. The rough siding was already on the house. I'm using iron on birch veneer. Rather than use an iron I am using my heat gun and a putty knife to apply the pieces. It's working really well...or it was until I ran out of veneer. ;)
This is the foyer side of the front door.
The bathroom also got a door. Neither door is actually hinged. I would have used cloth hinges if I'd been able to remove at least one side of the door trim without breaking it. But the trim was stuck fast on both doors. So they are just glued into position.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out to get more veneer. I love living out in the middle of nowhere - except for those times when you need something now, lol. At least I'm being forced to take a bit of a break. That's a good thing cuz I've been up past 2 am several nights in a row working on the Willowcrest. I get a little focused when I'm working on a project, ;)

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