Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walnut and Cream

Walnut and cream were the colors my hands were when I finished working on the Willowcrest today. I stained the living room, kitchen and master bedroom floors. The larger rooms will have rugs covering large areas of the floors so I'm not worrying about laying floors or scribing planks.
I finished painting window frames and both sets of stairs. The main staircase was an interesting challenge. I did not completely tear the house apart as some areas are very securely glued. The main staircase is one of those areas. I modified a paint brush so it would fit better in small area and turned the house sideways and pretty much every way but upside down. Removing two windows gave me better access so I got it painted. I want the feel of an old, well-loved house so some imperfections are fine. I'm going to put wallpaper into the panels in the foyer. Two walls will also be papered to break up the sea of antique white and I'm using a real sized wallpaper that resembles tile for the floor in the foyer and on the landing.

I'm excited about doing some interior work. I am really trying to pace myself and make this a beautiful house. There will be a bit of a shabby feel to the finished house. Not so much purposeful shabby chic but more of a well-loved and well-used old house that's comfortably worn. A house that looks lived in. That way the rough around the edges exterior will make sense, too. :)


Brandy Rose said...

Can't wait to see more pics!

Christine said...

"a well-loved and well-used old house that's comfortably worn. A house that looks lived in." I think you have succeeded so far in creating this effect. Before I read you aim, that is exactly the impression the house gave me.

De said...

Thank you, Brandy Rose and Christine!
I'm so glad to hear that my vision is coming through. :)