Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brackets and wood putty

I am quickly going through my bottle of glue as I repair joints and cracks. I've also used a fair amount of wood putty. I don't have any extra money in the budget for anything but the siding and shingles so I'm making replacement parts from what I have on hand. Pieces that can be salvaged are. While I was cutting the pieces for the balcony rail I noticed that my scraps looked a bit like corner brackets - and the ones on the house are either crumbling or gone. So I made new brackets for the roof and the porch and got them all glued in place.

I found a scrap piece left from another house that's large enough to make the missing roof piece. I need to make half a roof for one of the small dormers and replace the missing front of the porch foundation. There are also a few broken trim strips to replace. I've already made new windowsills for all that needed them.

Inside I'm working on painting the trim that won't come off and I've added bits and bobs to the rather boring fireplace surrounds. I also made an interesting handrail and surround for the stairs in the second floor bedroom.

My Willowcrest will definitely be unique. The builder had made some modifications to the kit - like moving the upper staircase - and I'm happy with them.

I hope to get some more time on the house today. Have a great weekend everyone!


A. Wright said...

It's coming along beautifully De. So much better already

De said...

Thanks, April. I will be glad to get the prep and repair work completed. I much prefer the interior decorating part. :) I would not have purchased this kit even though I've always loved the house - I don't have enough patience for GL kits. This way I get the house but don't have to assemble the tiny bits, lol. Although it would be less work to paint before assembly than to do it backwards like I am now.