Friday, June 10, 2011

Time for a hot shower

The bathroom was obviously high on the list for remodeling for the young couple who live in the Willowcrest. They put in a very modern shower. (The base is part of an instant coffee lid and the "glass" surround is cut from overhead transparencies. The hardware was made from miscellaneous bits and bobs from my stash.) The handpainted rug and the towel butler were painted by my friend Gary in New Hampshire. I really need to make a door for this room.
The beautiful vanity was put together by Gaye of My Small Obsession. I changed the clear sink basin to this orange bowl made by our blogger friend, Katie. It's perfect and pulls out the orange in the wallpaper. The toilet was made from a broken 1:16 scale Renwal. I built up a graduated platform to raise it up and then repainted it. I didn't think the pink would look too good with the orange, lol. The hamper in the photo above was part of the same set. The woven trash can next to the vanity was made by Brenda.
Here's a little reminder of what the house looked like when I bought it. I'd almost forgotten how bad it looked. ;)


Steinworks said...

well it certainly has gone from trash to treasure!

good job on the bathroom


Kim said...

Beautiful De- I love the shower! You would never guess it started with a coffee lid :)

De said...

Thank you both! I do love trash to treasure!