Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time got away from me

...and I was up until 2:30 am working on the Willowcrest. But I accomplished a lot yesterday. The bedroom is wallpapered and I finished the dresser I've been working on. I also made a bed. The dresser was made from the bottom half of two different Michael's hutches with some additional trim pieces added. The bottom of the dresser was the 2 door with an open center style hutch. I removed the doors, added craft stick drawer dividers and made non opening drawers from some wood trim. I added crown molding at the joint of the two pieces and a carved back piece at the top. The drawer/door pulls are made with beads and pins. I really like this piece.

I also added baseboard to the lower level and the master bedroom last night. I used my favorite discovery for the baseboard. The plastic guards that come with new windshield wiper blades look like two pieces of baseboard joined at the top. Cut them apart with scissors, paint the inside and glue into place. I'll show a picture later.

My last big project for yesterday was the bathroom. I altered a broken 1:16 scale toilet and made a shower from scratch. They weren't dry enough for pics last night so I will post photos later.

Off to clean up and start my day. Hope yours is wonderful, wherever you are!


Kathi said...

Love this wallpaper! My favorite color!
Great idea for the dresser. I just may have to copy that. :D

Kim said...

The dresser looks fantastic De and I really love that wallpaper :)

Brandy Rose said...

Thats such a good idea putting two pieces together like that for the dresser. I may use it later :D

De said...

Thanks everyone! The wallpaper is from a book published by Dover of authentic Victorian wallpapers. You get 4 sheets of each of 6 styles in the book. They also did one on Early American styles. I've used a combination of the two in this house. I don't know if the books are still available but they are some of my favorite designs.

Carla Alessandra said...

Seu quarto esta muito bonito,adorei as cores.