Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I really need to work on the exterior

...but working on the interior is so much fun!
This room will be the bathroom. The beautiful vanity cabinet was made by Gaye of My Small Obsession. I think it will be on the opposite wall and the toilet and a small shower will be on the left wall.
I couldn't get the window plastic in the bay to pop out so I went ahead and installed the interior trim after wallpapering.
The living room is papered with an authentic Victorian print. It's supposed to be ferns and flowers but the 5 leaves on the ferns make me think of marijuana everytime I see it, lol. The red and greens look good with my furniture, though.
I love the way the wallpaper looks in the panels in the foyer.
I've spent a lot of time over the past two days working on the kitchen. The wall cabinet is part of a Michael's hutch but everything else was made from recycled containers. The sink is a sauce container from McDonald's with a paper clip faucet and earring back knobs. The sink cabinet was made from the wash stand that used to be in the Victorian Cottage. The sink is supposed to look original to the house when the current owners purchased it. The deep farmhouse sink is lightly rust stained. Looks like it's time to get the cleanser out again. ;)The corner cabinet, range and fridge are all hard plastic containers. I used real metal sheeting to cover the refrigerator and range. The fridge door handles are Sharpie marker pocket clips and the range handles are made from strips of balsa wood. The food was made by several mini friends - Brenda and Rosie made the baked potoatoes and Gaye made the strawberry shortcake. The wall cabinet is filled with a mix of dinnerware and food.


Brandy Rose said...

The Kitchen is so creative!

Minna said...

Very nice De! I love the wallpapers.

Browny said...

it's looking great so far love the kitchen tiles so cute

Kim said...

wow De- it looks so great! I love the wallpaper in the panels too!! I'm always amazed at what you make out of what you have- lovely :)

Steinworks said...

I like it, the kitchen looks so real

Love Marisa :)

Kathi said...

Beautiful work! I love your white chairs. :D
You are so creative!