Saturday, June 25, 2011

giveaway reminder and dollhouse fun

First, please remember to sign up for my 300 follower give-away if you are one of my followers-

The dollhouse fun is in the photo above. I got the chair with cat from a forum round robin box I do with friends. The chair is slightly under scale and was dark brown. I gave it an aged finish and gave the cat a reason to be there. The plant does not appear to have survived the cat's leap on to the chair, lol. I used a piece of clear plastic to glue the pot, dirt and plant to. Now I can move the mess wherever I want.

Hope you all have a great weekend - the sun is finally shining again here! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Willowcrest update

Sinces I took this photo I put a black wash over the gray shingles. They look almost like slate now. I'm very happy with the color combination.
I made a fern for the living room. I've also button tufted all the throw pillows and the cushions on the chair since taking this pic.
I made a pretty nightie to hang on the bathroom door.
I don't have a photo but I used the bottom of a Michael's hutch to make an island style cabinet for the kitchen - although it doesn't sit in the middle like an island. I used the top of the hutch to make this window seat and...
...this bookcase. In the foreground you can see the leather ottoman. The wing chair needed an ottoman to make it a truly comfy reading spot, lol. The details are adding personality to the house. Eventually, I have to make the residents, too.

Thanks to all who've entered the giveaway so far and for your comments. It's fun to see what everyone's favorite project is. See the post below to enter if you are a follower.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, the Giveaway!

Real life has gotten in the way of my blog life recently so I am late getting my giveaway posted but here it is. The winner will receive this shabby entertainment center complete with television, DVD player, remote control, DVDs. I've also included a cordless telephone on a charger. I'm showing it inside the cabinet but it isn't fastened down so can be put wherever you like in your project. Most of the items inside the cabinet are held in place with tacky wax so could be rearranged as well.
The television is a refrigerator magnet but everything else was made or altered by me.

The rules are as follows:
1. You must be a follower as of June 22, 2011, midnight Eastern time.
2. You must comment on this post indicating that you wish to be entered in the drawing.
3. You can get a second entry in the drawing if you tell me which of my projects is your favorite and why.

I will draw the winning entry on Friday, July 15, 2011. Good luck~I look forward to your comments. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Covering the windows

I haven't been out to get more veneer so I worked on window coverings. The living room ones are the most formal. I used flocked paper and added trim.
The bay window curtains are from the same paper but with different trim.
The kitchen got a pretty daisy print pull down shade and a new rug.
The bedroom got simple wood blinds cut from a placemat.

The stairwell window and the third floor windows will all remain uncovered to let in as much light as possible. My daughter and I are heading into town this afternoon so I will get the veneer to finish the siding. The Willowcrest is fast approaching completion!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am a bad blog friend...

I have been very lax in welcoming my new followers. I'm so sorry. I appreciate each one of you and I thank you so much for following my mini adventures. I logged in this morning to find that I've reached 300 followers! That is so exciting! And it calls for a new giveaway. I've been thinking about but haven't figured out what the prize will be yet. I will post details when I know - what this spot for more details. :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aged to perfection

I ran out of siding but that didn't stop me from painting and aging the areas I had finished. Remember this is an old house purchased by a young couple. They've put all their time and money into making the interior a comfortable home. The exterior is still shabby and worn. I mixed a custom dark purple/eggplant color. I love the green door with the purple.
This side is finished - I've sanded it a bit more since the photo was taken. I think I'm going to use an aged brick paper for the foundation. The same brick I used on the chimney in the third floor room.

Now that I've got this much done I can't wait to get it finished. Once the exterior is done I will work on curtains and accessories to make it their home. I also need to make or purchase the couple.

Why do you always run out of a crucial item ...

...when you're almost finished?I got one side wall completely sided and the front is sided as far as the porch. The door is new as of last night. I used pieces of a fruit crate to create 2 doors and the replacement piece for the roof.
This wall is completely sided. The rough siding was already on the house. I'm using iron on birch veneer. Rather than use an iron I am using my heat gun and a putty knife to apply the pieces. It's working really well...or it was until I ran out of veneer. ;)
This is the foyer side of the front door.
The bathroom also got a door. Neither door is actually hinged. I would have used cloth hinges if I'd been able to remove at least one side of the door trim without breaking it. But the trim was stuck fast on both doors. So they are just glued into position.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out to get more veneer. I love living out in the middle of nowhere - except for those times when you need something now, lol. At least I'm being forced to take a bit of a break. That's a good thing cuz I've been up past 2 am several nights in a row working on the Willowcrest. I get a little focused when I'm working on a project, ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A productive afternoon

The exterior trim finally got some attention. I want the house to look a bit worn - in need of a coat of paint. The young couple who are renovating the inside haven't gotten to the outside yet. I cut a paper pattern for the piece I need to replace in the roof. I wish I had better wood cutting tools. I've been putting this job off because I don't.
As promised the dining set has had a small makeover. I rubbed a coat of ivy green glaze over the chairs (cushions and all) and over the table base and rim. It's better but the chairs still may not be permanent. I think I'd rather have a pair of Chrysnbon chairs.

I'm heading out to Bible study soon. Hope I have all the paint cleaned off, lol.

The last of the furniture...I think

I made chairs to go with the table - I'm not certain these will stay as they are. I don't hate them but I don't love them either, lol. Stay tuned for a possible makeover on these.
I do like the bar stools, though. I finally found a use for all of those warped square woodsies. ;)
A view of the entire third floor. I really need to get the roof repaired now. The gaping hole is fine for sunny summer days but the residents are not gonna be happy with me if it rains. :-D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sectional sofa makeover

The more I looked at the navy vinyl I used for the sectional the more I hated it. It just didn't lay right. I recovered it and changed the back piece to a chaise rather than a full back. Just what I wanted - yay!

It's all in the details

The dining area will be in the living room bay window. I made this "glass" topped table last night with 2 turned spindles, a square woodsie and a Pringles potato chip can lid. Since the area is so tiny I think the clear top on the table will keep the table from looking too big for the space.
I moved the white wing chair to the bedroom and I'm using a black wooden armchair with gold upholstery in the living room now. The new pillows are in the same gold fabric. It picks up the gold color in the wallpaper and ties the furniture pieces together.
I also made pillows for the sectional as well as a lap quilt for those snuggle up and read days. :) I am very happy with the layout of the sectional but not so much with how the vinyl I used to upholster it. I may disassemble it and use a different fabric. I'm still considering...

Well, I need to go pay bills...I'd much rather make minis or blog about them but real life has a way of intruding. :) I hope you all have a lovely week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A place to relax with friends

But first let me share the lamp I made. I had an ivory looking "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" figurine that I got from a friend. I didn't realize at the time that it was actually a bead. I was able to turn it into a lamp for the living room.
The top floor of the Willowcrest has become "the" place to hang out with friends, lol. At least those over 21. ;) I made the bar and the shelves with mini fridge were made from the top of a Michael's hutch. The glassware and liquor bottles on the shelves are made from various beads and findings. The bar holds some wonderful items made by Small World friends. Gaye made the jars of beef jerky and olives and the liquor bottle. Sandy made the box with fruit garnishes. The liquor license was made by Brenda.
I made the navy "leather' sectional sofa. I used more of the extra wooden stamp blocks for the seats and backs and some foam stamps to form the base. The bell and the sign over the sofa on the back wall were made by Brenda. Gaye made the one on the right wall. I made the "carpet" from a real life wallpaper sample.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time for a hot shower

The bathroom was obviously high on the list for remodeling for the young couple who live in the Willowcrest. They put in a very modern shower. (The base is part of an instant coffee lid and the "glass" surround is cut from overhead transparencies. The hardware was made from miscellaneous bits and bobs from my stash.) The handpainted rug and the towel butler were painted by my friend Gary in New Hampshire. I really need to make a door for this room.
The beautiful vanity was put together by Gaye of My Small Obsession. I changed the clear sink basin to this orange bowl made by our blogger friend, Katie. It's perfect and pulls out the orange in the wallpaper. The toilet was made from a broken 1:16 scale Renwal. I built up a graduated platform to raise it up and then repainted it. I didn't think the pink would look too good with the orange, lol. The hamper in the photo above was part of the same set. The woven trash can next to the vanity was made by Brenda.
Here's a little reminder of what the house looked like when I bought it. I'd almost forgotten how bad it looked. ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time got away from me

...and I was up until 2:30 am working on the Willowcrest. But I accomplished a lot yesterday. The bedroom is wallpapered and I finished the dresser I've been working on. I also made a bed. The dresser was made from the bottom half of two different Michael's hutches with some additional trim pieces added. The bottom of the dresser was the 2 door with an open center style hutch. I removed the doors, added craft stick drawer dividers and made non opening drawers from some wood trim. I added crown molding at the joint of the two pieces and a carved back piece at the top. The drawer/door pulls are made with beads and pins. I really like this piece.

I also added baseboard to the lower level and the master bedroom last night. I used my favorite discovery for the baseboard. The plastic guards that come with new windshield wiper blades look like two pieces of baseboard joined at the top. Cut them apart with scissors, paint the inside and glue into place. I'll show a picture later.

My last big project for yesterday was the bathroom. I altered a broken 1:16 scale toilet and made a shower from scratch. They weren't dry enough for pics last night so I will post photos later.

Off to clean up and start my day. Hope yours is wonderful, wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I really need to work on the exterior

...but working on the interior is so much fun!
This room will be the bathroom. The beautiful vanity cabinet was made by Gaye of My Small Obsession. I think it will be on the opposite wall and the toilet and a small shower will be on the left wall.
I couldn't get the window plastic in the bay to pop out so I went ahead and installed the interior trim after wallpapering.
The living room is papered with an authentic Victorian print. It's supposed to be ferns and flowers but the 5 leaves on the ferns make me think of marijuana everytime I see it, lol. The red and greens look good with my furniture, though.
I love the way the wallpaper looks in the panels in the foyer.
I've spent a lot of time over the past two days working on the kitchen. The wall cabinet is part of a Michael's hutch but everything else was made from recycled containers. The sink is a sauce container from McDonald's with a paper clip faucet and earring back knobs. The sink cabinet was made from the wash stand that used to be in the Victorian Cottage. The sink is supposed to look original to the house when the current owners purchased it. The deep farmhouse sink is lightly rust stained. Looks like it's time to get the cleanser out again. ;)The corner cabinet, range and fridge are all hard plastic containers. I used real metal sheeting to cover the refrigerator and range. The fridge door handles are Sharpie marker pocket clips and the range handles are made from strips of balsa wood. The food was made by several mini friends - Brenda and Rosie made the baked potoatoes and Gaye made the strawberry shortcake. The wall cabinet is filled with a mix of dinnerware and food.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walnut and Cream

Walnut and cream were the colors my hands were when I finished working on the Willowcrest today. I stained the living room, kitchen and master bedroom floors. The larger rooms will have rugs covering large areas of the floors so I'm not worrying about laying floors or scribing planks.
I finished painting window frames and both sets of stairs. The main staircase was an interesting challenge. I did not completely tear the house apart as some areas are very securely glued. The main staircase is one of those areas. I modified a paint brush so it would fit better in small area and turned the house sideways and pretty much every way but upside down. Removing two windows gave me better access so I got it painted. I want the feel of an old, well-loved house so some imperfections are fine. I'm going to put wallpaper into the panels in the foyer. Two walls will also be papered to break up the sea of antique white and I'm using a real sized wallpaper that resembles tile for the floor in the foyer and on the landing.

I'm excited about doing some interior work. I am really trying to pace myself and make this a beautiful house. There will be a bit of a shabby feel to the finished house. Not so much purposeful shabby chic but more of a well-loved and well-used old house that's comfortably worn. A house that looks lived in. That way the rough around the edges exterior will make sense, too. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brackets and wood putty

I am quickly going through my bottle of glue as I repair joints and cracks. I've also used a fair amount of wood putty. I don't have any extra money in the budget for anything but the siding and shingles so I'm making replacement parts from what I have on hand. Pieces that can be salvaged are. While I was cutting the pieces for the balcony rail I noticed that my scraps looked a bit like corner brackets - and the ones on the house are either crumbling or gone. So I made new brackets for the roof and the porch and got them all glued in place.

I found a scrap piece left from another house that's large enough to make the missing roof piece. I need to make half a roof for one of the small dormers and replace the missing front of the porch foundation. There are also a few broken trim strips to replace. I've already made new windowsills for all that needed them.

Inside I'm working on painting the trim that won't come off and I've added bits and bobs to the rather boring fireplace surrounds. I also made an interesting handrail and surround for the stairs in the second floor bedroom.

My Willowcrest will definitely be unique. The builder had made some modifications to the kit - like moving the upper staircase - and I'm happy with them.

I hope to get some more time on the house today. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a start!

I used my heat gun to remove one set of stairs and most of the trim from the kitchen and living room in the lower level of the Willowcrest last night. None of the trim had been sanded before being hotglued in place. The wood is so dry that it just soaked up the paint. These pieces have been repaired if needed, sanded and painted and are ready to put in place some day. ;) There's a lot more trim to be melted off and properly finished.
I also sorted through my wallpaper stash last night. I'm using some Victorian and Early American patterns but the house will be set in modern times. It has let me know that it wants to be an actual house so that's what it's gonna be. I experimented with some furniture from my zibbet shop when choosing the wallpaper. I don't think the new living room set is going to be in my shop for much longer, lol.

There is so much to do on this house that it's a bit overwhelming. It's definitely not going to be finished at my usual pace. It's much more work to undo something that's been done incorrectly than it is to just do it right in the first place.

Keep watching here for progress!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just checking in

Hi everyone - real life has been keeping me busy...and the internet usage level has contributed to keeping me off line. The vegetable garden is nearly cleared and planted, though. I am hoping to finish it today. Then it will be on to cleaning up the flower beds around the house. We didn't get much garden work done last year so this year the beds definitely need some help. :)

Another reason I haven't gotten any mini time is that my work room is currently jam packed with garage sale purchases for my daughters' apartments. I rented a storage unit yesterday so one of today's projects is moving furniture.

When I can get back to the work room, I have to get some more earrings photographed and listed and then I think the $7 dollhouse will be the next project. Fingers crossed on that one!

I hope it's a beautiful day wherever you are!