Thursday, May 31, 2012

But it's in the middle of the living room!

 That's my excuse for not resisting temptation of work on the San Fran. I stare at the front of it every time I sit in the recliner. A mini friend suggested adding a touch of cream and a darker green. Her suggestions made a huge difference! I added a decorative cream colored element to each of the green angle pieces and I painted the window overhangs the darker green. I also added toppers to the porch posts at the entrance.

Scroll down to see the earlier stages of this makeover.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just couldn't wait!

I didn't have time to start the new kit last night but I did have enough time to add a little color to the San Franciscan. The brown and beige needed a little brightening up. I also added a little gingerbread between the porch arches and at the peak of the dormer. And the door looks so much better in solid green!

While organizing the craft room I found a lot of things that are perfect for this house. Once the Sweetheart Cottage is finished, it won't take long at all on this one.

Monday, May 28, 2012

One thing leads to another

 Today my husband had to fix a leaky outdoor spigot. The access to it is in one of the closets in my craft room so I had to clear everything out of the way so he could work. This ended up being a very good thing because I wasn't able to see the floor at that point. I don't know how that room gets so messy but it certainly does it quickly. :) I bagged up three lawn and leaf bags of trash and things that I no longer want or need. I need to do a lot more work but at least I found the floor and my work surface so I can start on my next project. The San Franciscan is going to have to wait awhile.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graduation Day!

 My beautiful middle daughter graduated from Manchester College today.Where did the years go? Here she is with her proud parents.
And with her big sister. Lovely girls - inside and out. <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garage sale fun

I spent another fun Saturday shopping at local garage sales with my daughter. We were successful in scoring both furniture (working on kids' apartments again this summer) and potential mini projects. The dining chairs were $10 each. We will do some sort of finish on them once we find a dining table they both like. The entertainment center was only $7 and is a nice small size for middle's apartment.

I scored a print tray for $5 and some other miscellaneous things - a chair shaped picture frame, a new sleigh for Santa, some Christmas ornaments that will make great toys for Santa's workshop (when I get to that project), a really cool pin, and 2 linen napkins. The spoon and ladle in the back are also from today for middle's kitchen.

We had a fun day and now we are both worn out. I really enjoyed the sunshine, though. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Too busy to mini and ready for summer break

This has been a crazy week. Tonight was my first night home all week and I fell asleep in the recliner almost as soon as I sat down. :) I did manage to make dinner for my family. My eldest has been home on and off over the last couple of weeks and she has been extremely helpful. She did all my laundry yesterday - woo hoo!

Tomorrow night we are going to see our high school presentation of Footloose. My nephew has the lead. He's very talented and I am really looking forward to the show.

Sunday is my middle's college graduation. I just know I'm gonna cry. She's graduating from hubby and my alma mater which makes it extra special. We're moving her home for summer classes and job searching on Wednesday. She's looking for a job 4 hours away near her boyfriend so I'm planning to enjoy the time she's home.

By the end of July we are likely to have an empty nest. Oldest and youngest are moving into an apartment together mid July. Middle hopes to be moving sometime around then, too, depending on how the job search goes. I'm not sure how I feel about everyone leaving home. I'm looking forward to more time with hubby but this is going to be an adjustment. At least the oldest and youngest won't be far away and will probably pop home now and then...when the food runs out if not before, lol.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week - I am but I am so ready for summer break so I can start my new project. My ebay purchases have arrived and I'm anxious to get started. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Something only another miniaturist would appreciate

Dremel SawMax

I hope you all had a beautiful day. Today is Mother's Day in the US. After church my hubby made a wonderful lunch. Then my family presented me with THE GIFT - a Dremel SawMax! I've been drooling over them since they came out in the fall. It's heavier than I expected so it will take a bit of getting used to but I'm excited to be able to cut straight lines. ;) My middle daughter gave me a hoodie and flip flops from her college - my alma mater. In July the college becomes a university so she wanted to stock me up.

DH says I'm the only woman he knows who gets excited about power tools. Last year I got a large rolling tool box to hold everything.

And while I love to cook, only a miniaturist or crafter would understand having a pasta roller and a toaster oven in the craft room rather than the kitchen. :) Isn't this a great hobby?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Fever

This week has been a bit crazy. I work as an aide at the local elementary school. Our last day is May 29. If you spend any time at all around children you know that the week or so before a holiday break or the long summer vacation the kids begin to get kind of wild. That's where we are now. (Imagine a smiley of me pulling my hair out, lol.)

The weather is beautiful and life is good.

I finally did get a little time to make minis...but I can't share yet. They are for a fairy/fantasy themed swap. I'm also very eager to get to the new dollhouse. I've been doing some shopping for it. Stay tuned for cool stuff ahead! ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012


My husband, daughter and I spent some time clearing the vegetable garden beds to prepare for planting today. We got all of the raised beds cleared so now we know which ones need more dirt, fertilizer, etc. We are also expanding the garden this year - doubling it, really. Our current garden gets too much shade for things like tomatoes and peppers. We'll also plant potatoes this year. It's a lot of work but there isn't much as satisfying as opening the pantry to see jars and jars of food that you've grown and canned. I love knowing that I'm feeding my family with healthy foods.

The flower beds still need a lot of work, too. That may not happen until summer break - one of the big benefits of working for a school corporation. ;)

The new doll house kit is calling my name so I hope I can get to it soon. I am missing my mini time! :(

Yesterday my oldest and I hit several garage sales. I stocked up on craft paints and she stocked up on vintage clothing. She bought a large shopping bag full of handmade dresses, shirts and two brand name trench coats for $1! The lady who'd made the dresses was an excellent seamstress and was apparently my daughter's size. The dresses all look as though they were tailor made for her. This is one of her favorites.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gotta love babies!

Some very good friends just had triplet boys. They were three weeks early but all over 5 pounds. I get to help with feedings, diaper changes and household chores. Two of the little ones are home with their big sister. The third is still in the hospital but gaining ground. Real life is continuing to take precedence over mini time but mini time is coming. I'm going to use the kit I just purchased in a different way than planned. The elves workshop will have to wait a bit longer. I will keep you posted! :)