Saturday, September 29, 2012

Library Display

 Here we are stopped on the roadside making some adjustments. The San Franciscan and the Petite Dreams were too large for my RAV so they had to ride in the back of hubby's pickup. I had the Willowcrest and Victorian Cottage. I spent a long time yesterday waxing things in place before we put the plexiglass covers on so I had to make very few adjustments once we got the houses inside.
 Here I am at the end of the Victorian street. There were already people looking before we even got out of the library. :)
The Willowcrest pictures didn't come out very clearly but it and the wedding gazebo are on the bookcase directly behind this one.

The added bonus today was talking with one of the librarians who's also a miniaturist. We exchanged contact information so we can get together to see each other's collections and talk minis. Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

And here are the other two...

I can't find photos of the fronts of these two so will get some when I pull the houses out to clean them. The one on the left is a RGT Victorian Cottage. The other is a Petite Dreams Victorian. It looks just like a reversed RGT Allison except it has very narrow doors. I had to make all but the front door from scratch.

These two houses are special to me because they mark the beginning of my renewed interest in minis after a 10 year break while the kids were young. Most of the furniture in these houses was made from scratch or revamped from purchased.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I only have a week!... get  4 dollhouses ready for the National Dollhouse and Miniatures month display at the library. This year I am taking larger houses. Three are Victorian and I want to set them up as a street. The DuraCraft San Franciscan is one of the houses I am planning to take. I also plan to take the RGT Victorian Cottage and the Petite Dreams Victorian house. I can't find photos of those at the moment but I know both are featured somewhere on the blog. :)
 The Willowcrest is a contemporary Victorian but I want to take it and a photo scrapbook showing the renovations I did on this $7 garage sale find.
I plan to use this gazebo, too, to add to the street feeling. This will be the city park. I have so much yet to do. None of these houses have plexi covers yet and I need to finish the scrapbooks for the Willowcrest and the San Fran. Hopefully, these will be as popular with the library patrons as last year's display.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Minis have taken a backseat to this!

Since yesterday afternoon, I've canned 19 pints of quartered tomatoes, 5 pints of tomato juice, 10 pints of tomato soup concentrate, and 8 pints of tomato sauce. I still have a lot of tomatoes ripening in the kitchen and hubby will be picking more from the garden soon. Someday I will get back to blogging about miniatures, I promise! :)