Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The apartment hunting adventure was successful. The kids will be able to move in mid July. It's a nice size with updated appliances, a fireplace, and, most importantly, two bathrooms.

We also got some paperwork completed for my son at the community college. Next up is registering for classes.

I got a good start on the party supplies, too.

I think I'm gonna sit with my feet up for a bit today. Yesterday wore me out. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi all! I'm in the middle of planning graduation parties and finding apartments for my kids. In addition, I'm adding another day to my work schedule starting this week. Minis are having to take a back seat for a short time but summer is coming! My last day at school is May 28, I think. Watch for the new project to start in early June. In the meantime, I will do some small projects to keep me from going crazy, lol.

I'm not so sure about this new blogger set up. It took me forever just to find the list of blogs I follow so I could check in with all of you. I will give it a few days before I surrender and go back to the old format. Maybe I will actually like this...?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Proud Mama Moment

My son has a chronic health disorder that made conventional high school nearly impossible. He struggled with the decision but chose to withdraw and go for his GED (general equivalency diploma.) He got his scores back today and he passed with such high scores that they are considered equal to graduating in the top 2% of a regular high school class! I'm so proud of him. He also got accepted into his first choice college and will be studying video game design.

Middle daughter will be graduating from college next month and oldest will be finishing undergraduate work next semester and moving on to graduate school.

I love my children!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a little time

I haven't had time to get started on my new big project so I've been satisfying the mini urge with little updates here and there. Today I hung Gaye's dollar store swap chandelier in the Willowcrest dining area. It's similar to what I had in mind for here anyway. When I can afford to start adding the battery powered lights I will replace this...or not. Maybe I will just hang a ceiling fixture in the living room area.
Rose's dress got a bit of a makeover today, too. The overskirt ends in a bustle with a small bow at the back. While I think the clothing from yesteryear is beautiful, I am so glad I can just pull on jeans and a tshirt and be good to go. ;)

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon after a lovely time of worship this morning. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I came home early from work yesterday because I was dizzy and nauseous. I wasn't feeling much better last night so I arranged for a substitute for today. Still not feeling great but well enough to play a bit. I did a bit of arranging in Rebekah's cabin. I realized that the trunk I painted quite awhile ago (in folk art style) would look great in the cabin. I like it much better than the black leather one I first had in here. I had to rearrange the furniture to fit the new trunk in but it looks so much better that it was worth it. :) I also found a more in scale rifle for over the door. It was in the round robin swap I do with friends. Take out what you want and put in what you don't want - it's a lot of fun and several of my projects were inspired by something I found in that box.

I'm also playing a bit in my mini house. I took some photos of the pine border I stamped in my real living room to turn into a mini border. I'll let you all know how that works out.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The dollar store swap items I received

These items were made by Doreen. The fern planter is from a wedding bubble bottle and the cherub was a little ornament. The cake stand is a bobbin.
Brenda's items - the ironing board was made with parts cut from a full size wire rack, foam core and a pair of panties. :) The laundry basket was cut from a bowl freshener. The little box by the chair holds the pencil eraser petit fours.
Gaye made a ping pong ball chandelier and a table from a battery powered candle stand and a door knob guard. The bowl is half a baby rattle party favor. The button next to it is supposed to be the bowl stand. It just hadn't been glued back together yet.

As you can see, I received some beautiful things. I have some very talented mini friends!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dollar Store Swap

I recently participated in a dollar store swap. The only requirement was that each item had some part purchased from any dollar store. I chose Dollar Tree. My supplies were: party favor trophy cups, measuring spoons, plastic fern and a pink plastic desk and chair set.
These are the finished items. The trophy became a stone planter for the fern. The desk and chair set got a shabby chic finish and the measuring spoons became nested mixing bowls. (I got that idea from one of your blogs. I'm sorry that I don't remember which one. Please comment here and give yourself credit. :) )

The items I received were far more creative than mine were. Some of them were a mini garden, a cake decorating prep board, an ironing board, a basket of laundry, petite fours from pencil erasers, a shabby chic chair, a round dining table, a fruit bowl and a chandelier (from a ping pong ball half.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Better luck next time

Well, I'm a little sad. No one signed up for my trash to treasure workshop at the library. If I try this again I will do some advertising of my own as I don't think the library promoted it as well as some of the other April activities but there just may not be any miniaturists in the area.

I do now have patterns to make the whole set, though. And I got the experience of really thinking about the process so I could actually teach it. I will hopefully be able to use those skills for a future mini workshop.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just playin'

This has nothing to do with the new project. I just decided that Sandy needed a place to do her hair and makeup in her room. Both the vanity and the chair are Dollar Tree pieces that have been refinished. The picture frames are vintage buttons. The perfume and cosmetic jars are made from beads. The brush and mirror set are actual purchased minis. The handbag was made from a binder clip, a scrap of leather and some wire. This area adds a bit more personality to Sandy's room.