Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow day=play day at Brown's Mercantile

Several months ago I purchased a cousin's miniature collection. Little by little I've  I been finding homes for some of them.
There were several items that I knew would be perfect for Brown's Mercantile so I took some time to play with an old favorite. Jack and Rose own the mercantile.. Their daughters Mary and Lizzie can always find a place to play. It's Mary's job to watch over little Lizzie but she loves her little sister and enjoys taking care of her.

Jack, Rose, and Mary are vintage dolls given to me by one of hubby's favorite aunt's. Somehow they are just right for the store. Jack and Rose got new aprons today. They are blue rather than a traditional white because they had a couple of bolts of blue that never sold. 

 I made many of the mercantile's fixtures and stock. The top two rifles, wooden scoops, the blue match holder, and the barrel the checker board is on came from my cousin.
 Looks like Rose is filling an order. Canned goods and a few potatoes - must be for the blacksmith. He's one of the few bachelors in town.

 Outside one end of the store is a bench. Mr. Taylor is stopping to get his chicken feed this afternoon. I wonder who's been fishing?
The other end of the store has a few advertisements. A general store is a lot like an antique shop. Both are good homes for random miniatures and sometimes hold the exact item you need to finish a project.