Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Few New Things

 Many of my new swap things now have homes. I love the new lamps. The knitting bag on the floor was a prize from Small World forum. The colors are so good in this room. The needlepoint pillow was a recent purchase.
 The leather topped dresser looks great in George's room. The base violin is a recent purchase
 Sandy put the laundry away and now she's finishing up the dishes for Harriet.
Harriet is putting her own laundry away today.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chair Challenge

 The chair challenge photos have been posted on my mini forum so I can show you what I did. The idea was my husband's. The little boy has broken his mama's favorite vase playing soccer in the house so he's "doing time" in the chair in the corner. His faithful dog thinks it was partly his fault so he's "chairing the blame."
 If you look very closely you can see tears on the boy's face.
I revamped a Dollar Tree doll to make the little boy. He used to be a blonde, blue-eyed little girl, LOL.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wait 'til you see what I got in return!

 Sandy got a couple of pretty new dresses and some movie magazines from Brenda. The Eiffel Tower went to George who used to travel around the world before the war.
 Gaye made canisters for the kitchen and pretty lamps and a doily for the living room. Sandy got some more magazines. Rosie made the milk basket, pecan pie and men's grooming supplies.
Sandy was the over achiever this time. ;) She made nightwear and dresses for the ladies. Boarder Sandy got the little pink nightie and robe. She also got the lovely green hat. The leather topped dresser and masks are in George's room. The cookie jar and cute little towels are in the kitchen.

Everyone got something and all of the new accessories add so much to the boarders' stories. I don't have enough room to display all of the dresses so I'm thinking of stringing a clothes line on the porch to show the others.

Special thanks to Brenda for the use of her photos.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Personalized Swap

 One of the groups I belong to recently held a "personalized swap." We each chose which of our dollhouses or projects that we wanted to receive items for. Brenda chose her seaside cottage. The residents are a retired sea captain, his wife and their young son. I tried to make a little something for everyone. Elsie got a bathing suit and a shell book. The captain got a sea chest filled with the tools of his trade. And the little boy got a sand castle with pail and shovel and a child's book about seashells.
 Gaye is redecorating a dollhouse her grandmother gave her. She's turning it into a girls' boarding school reminiscent of "The Facts of Life" television show from the 80s. She got two students in uniform and a spare uniform for another room.
 Rosie is working on a Christmas bakery. Gray and dark red are two of the colors she's using so I revamped the dining set I made for the library class (that didn't work out). I added Christmas patterned dishware and napkins, filled coffee cups and a Christmas pot with extra coffee. The plates hold a cake and cream dessert. The workboard is another cake in progress.
Sandy is making a Christmas house. The chair used to be a picture frame. I padded the area that used to hold the glass and upholstered over the resin chair with Christmas prints. The matching ottoman was a bottle lid of some sort. The side table was a small cake decorating pedestal and I added a Christmas shade to a real mini lamp.

This swap was so much fun! Knowing the recipients already have a home in mind for your projects really added a lot to the anticipation. I chose Harriet's boarding house. I will post photos soon of all the wonderful gifts I received. Harriet and her boarders were thrilled! ;)