Sunday, May 1, 2016

Shedding some light on the subject

I had a migraine after church today and while I was trying to rest it away several ideas came to me. The first was using the last of the lights hubby bought me for the mid century modern brick house. I also wanted to hang a pennant I made yesterday while cleaning. I found a Cracker Jack baseball team sticker and turned it into a spirit pennant for Davy's room.
 A narrow dresser/console in the upper hall holds a Tiffany style lamp with a pastel colored shade and a princess style phone. I think I need to add a ceiling fixture at the other end of the hall outside the bathroom door, too, but I really like how the lamp looks. Hubby says this photo looks like it could be a 1:1 house.
 I put a two light wall sconce on the door wall in Davy's room and it makes a huge difference in the way this room looks. It's very warm and welcoming now.
 I put the last of his gifts in the master bedroom. The simple ceiling fixture works. I may paint the brass later but it's fine for now.
 Here's the whole house all lit up. I need a light for the dining area, too. It's very dark when the house isn't sitting out where we get a lot of natural light.
 Here's my little sports pennant. I'm slowly but surely getting the rooms completely detailed. This is my favorite part.
 The other idea that came to me while I was resting was to make some sort of attic access. The glue isn't dry but you get the idea. The attic floor side has the hinges and handle. All you see from the hall side is the frame for the opening.
The hall is still lacking some artwork or family portraits. The master bedroom could use a few more personal details, too. Overall, I think I truly am nearly finished - as finished as a dollhouse ever gets anyway.

Have a wonderful, blessed week, my friends!

Update: I found a photo a miniaturist friend gave me and framed it for the hall. You won't really be able to see it until I get another light but I know it's there, LOL.