Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Big Reveal

 What is under the tablecloth? (Besides LoveJoy, the cat, that is.;-) )
 No peeking!
They loved it! I have already done some repair work, though. In retrospect, I would have made the living room furniture from scratch as I think that would have been more durable. I had to glue the couch side back on and I replaced the fancy legs with short wooden spools because the scroll work cracked. The girls and their dollhouse are back home in Indianapolis now so I don't have to resist the urge to put the toilet back in the bathroom or the bed back in the bedroom (rather than the living room, lol.) Sometimes, I wish I still had that child-like imagination where things don't have to be in "normal" places. Anyway, the dollhouse was a hit and they even received some small dolls from others who will fit in well.

Wishing you all a wonderful, blessing- filled New Year!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I wanted to check all of your blogs out today but when I went to my blog list all I found was post after post from a blog I am not following. I've never heard of it, it's in some language other than English, and based on the title, I'm not sure that it's even appropriate. Has anyone else had this happen? What do I do to fix it?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, not really since neither hubby or I have to go to work today. But we decided, since we are the only ones home this weekend, to pretend that 4 or so inches of snow is enough to stay home, be lazy, and enjoy each other's company. :-) The snow is still coming down steadily and everything looks so clean and fresh. I am going to enjoy the day.

I forgot  to post pics of my "find" yesterday. At a local Meijer store (groceries+department store) I found a small set of bath toiletries in a mini bathtub.

The tub is perfectly scaled. The set of bath gel, bath fizzy, and scrubby was $3. A little bit of paint and it will be ready for a project. Yay!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Sorry I haven't  posted for awhile. Life has been a little crazy here. Oldest daughter spent a couple of days in the hospital with the exact cause still unknown. She is finally getting her strength back. Middle daughter got engaged on Thanksgiving day. :-)  So we are in the midst of wedding plans and almost granddaughters. The fiance has 3 and 5 year old girls. It's been awhile since we had that much energy in our house. ;-) And, today, I found out I'm gonna be switching positions at the elementary school I work at. I am struggling a bit with that now, but I think the change will be good in the long run. It also means I have a chance at a "long run." My current position ends at the end of this school year because the child is moving on the middle school. Please keep me in your prayers as I make this transition. I'm a bit nervous about it.

Hopefully I will be able to get back to minis soon!