Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Gift from a Friend

A friend who is really more like a sister brought me a new project yesterday.

 It is the Greenleaf Brookwood. I have always thought this would be a fun house to decorate but I didn't really want to build it. Thanks to my friend, I get to do my favorite part, decorating, without having to do a full build. Life is good!

Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, May 10, 2019

A Makeover Story

But this time it was the dolls rather than the house. I used two of the dolls that used to be in my Zibbet shop. They were in wedding attire so they needed new clothes. Now they need names but I am still thinking about that.
He just needs a new shirt after I cut his tux jacket and vest off.
She needed new clothes AND hair because her veil and headpiece were glued on to her hair. I really like her new style,

 The poor man has to really stoop to get through the doorways in his house but at least he can see out the windows, lol.

Let me know any suggestions you have for names. I need a bit of inspiration. The cat and dog also need names. I can't wait to hear what you come up with.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My prize from Drora came today!

 This little pup is very brave to bark at a cat that is bigger than she is. Such an adorable little dog.

 I switched the pink ribbon roses for these beautiful and much more realistic flowers made by Drora.
 The pot of sunflowers, little bird bath with a bunny, a bird, and flowers, and the small wheelbarrow all look wonderful with my sunroom.
For now the tiny teapot is in my printers tray. I want to enjoy it a bit longer before putting it a dollhouse. I forgot to take a photo of the rug beater. It is beautifully made. Thank you so much, Drora! I love everything!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Another fun find

I forgot to take a photo of the chair at purchase. It was a dirty pale blue color without the legs. I added bead legs and then slipcovered

it with a beautiful handkerchief from a previous antiquing trip. It now resides in the farmhouse living room. I found a couple of small Renwal pieces, too. I added the red radio to the top of the fridge for a little pop of color.

This house is nearly finished. It has been such a fun project!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

This is finally the right one!

Hubby and I spent a wonderful day antiquing. We found this broken dresser for just a couple of dollars. I was pretty sure it would be perfect for the farmhouse bedroom with a bit of work. I can use the Dollar Tree dressers for a future project. Before the new piece would fit I had to fix something that had been bugging me anyway. The track for the sliding barn door was way too long. So that problem is fixed and the new dresser fits perfectly - win/win.
 There was a mirror pin missing and the mirror frame had broken at some point and was glued back on crooked and the "repair" was very messy.
 I scraped off the old glue and glued in a small support so I could glue the mirror on to something solid. I also gave the piece a distressed, chalk painted finish to match the other furniture in the room.
This is the perfect piece for the bedroom.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I need coffee

And so do the mini people. I really wanted a Keurig style coffee maker for the farmhouse kitchen but I was not able to find any premade ones. So I pawed through all the miscellaneous drawers until I found enough potential pieces to make my own.

This what I started with. I soon had to go on another hunt. The tank was cut from a plug cover that came on a cord to some electrical appliance I bought. I also used a couple of fake fingernails, paper, a milk carton seal, and a couple of random bits I found.

Then I decided I needed kcups. I printed some tiny labels from the internet and glued them to tiny pieces of qtip sticks. That worked surprisingly well.
And here is the finished coffee area. I am really happy with the final result.The little details are pulling the house together. This has been a fun project!