Monday, November 26, 2012

Finally, something new!

 A nasty virus found me the day after Thanksgiving. I've been down ever since. I haven't been able to decorate my house for Christmas yet but I was strong enough to give Harriet a hand with hers. I also made up a tray of craft supplies ('cause you can only spend so much time sleeping no matter how sick you are!) and pulled up pictures of Red Flyer sleds on my laptop and went to work. I think the resulting sled is really nice. I had originally propped a popsicle stick sled that I found in the round robin swap box against the porch wall. Even after some modifications, though, it still looked too fake. That's what led to this project.
 The living room looks quite festive for the holidays. The stockings are hung and there's even a stack of gifts under the tree table.
 The kitchen calendar has been turned to December and there's a lovely Christmas print cloth on the table. You can see that Harriet and Sandy have already been baking, too. There's a gingerbread house, fruitcake and Christmas cupcakes.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have been very lax in welcoming new followers. Several of you have recently started following De-Lightful Minis and I am so glad to see you! There are 379 of you now! Wow! Once we hit 400 it will be time for an extra special giveaway.

I hope to start my newest project soon. Now that I am working 5 days/week there seems to be much less time for minis. :(  Thank you all for staying with me even during the long "dry" spells without minis. You are all the best and I've learned so much from following your blogs. Wishing all of you a wonderful week!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Everyone is home again

On Saturday, a friend and I brought the four dollhouses home from the library. It was quite an adventure! Once again, the two smaller houses rode in my Toyota. Theresa has a larger vehicle so I had planned for the larger houses to ride in the back. Unfortunately, her car isn't much taller than mine. One of the houses fit nicely behind the front passenger seat but the Petite Dreams had to lie flat on its back. We put it on a blanket with all of the stuff still inside the house and hoped for the best. I had some major resetting to do but nothing was damaged. My bedroom doesn't look quite so empty anymore now that the houses are back. Oh, and I am already scheduled for another library display next October. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I haven't posted for awhile because hubby and I were away on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We had an amazing time and visited some beautiful places. This was the view from our cabin balcony. It was very difficult to come back to real life. ;)