Monday, August 5, 2019

Chair tutorial

 The supplies needed for the chair are inexpensive. The body of the chair is a toilet paper roll cut into the shape shown in the photo above. You will also need jute twine, tacky glue, clamps, a piece of foam core cut into a circle that rests on the chair as a seat, a fabric scrap to cover the cushion.
 I started gluing at the center back. Wrap the twine around the base until you get to the seat cushion part. Then you will wrap around the back to the front of the chair back. The twine needs a bit more help to stay in place until the glue sets so you will need to clamp the sides as you wrap. The inside center of the back is another area that doesn't stick as well at first.
 I just stopped every so often to let the glue set a bit. That is a good time to cover the foam core cushion with your fabric.
 Next, cut a section of twine long enough to cover the edge of the back from one side to the other. Glue this trim piece in place. A braided piece would also look nice. Now you are ready to glue the seat cushion in place. Let all the glue dry completely...
 ...and put your chairs in place.
Baby wipes are helpful to keep your fingers from getting too sticky.

I think there could be a lot of fun variations - cutting the tube into a slightly different shape, using other types or colors of string, etc. If you make anything similar, I would love to see your creations.

Have a wonderful, blessing filled day wherever you are!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

I think it is finished!

 The chairs were kind of fiddly but easy to make. I will post a pictorial tutorial soon.

 The welcome stone came in the box with the house so it seemed right to use it.
 I just added a couple of plants to the sunroom.
This is the house lit up with our room lights turned off. Dollhouse lights are just magical.

Lights, camera...

Well, actually, action came first. I made the lights then took pictures of them. It turns out that the ceiling fans were the easiest to make.
 The floor lamp also went smoothly.

 The kitchen fixture was a bit of a pain but it turned out well.
 For now the bathroom light is straight out of the package. The slanted roof was giving me fits.
Jimmy's lamp was also challenging and does not look at all like I had planned but it works. The biggest issue is leaving enough room to get your fingers in there to turn the fixture on and off between the shade and the base. There is no switch. You twist the base or the rest of it if the base is glued in place.

Next up are sisal chairs for the upper deck. I hope to post again tomorrow with those.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Exterior is finished!

 I am so happy with the transformation.
 Before I finished the door...see below for the finished door.

 This door doesn't actually move but it turned out well. The knob is kind of low but I'm probably not going to move it.
Besides a bit of trim I need to add to the sunroom floor, tomorrow's big project will be turning several of these LED lights into ceiling fixtures. Ceiling fans would be perfect in the living room and master bedroom. We shall see what I come up with.

Almost there!

This morning's task is to finish the sun room side - both the siding and the sunroom itself. I still have interior touches to add and the upper deck door to make but this project is nearly finished. That is always a happy and sad feeling. How do you all feel as you finish a miniature project?

Thursday, July 25, 2019


 The siding is one inch strips cut from textured poster board. The poster board is colored all the way through so I don't have any white edges to deal with. I started on the kitchen wall where I closed off a doorway to fit the fridge in.
 Once I had two of the poster boards cut into strips, I got started. It is going well but it's definitely time consuming.
 I love how the white trim pops against the dark blue.
 Now I need opinions. Do I put the hot tub on the deck...
...or not?

I really should call it a night but I really want to finish the siding. Check back tomorrow to see what I do, lol.

A few small projects

 First up were the planters for the deck. As you can see by the one on the right, they were in desperate need of a makeover. I forgot to take a picture before painting the top. I just glued wooden stir sticks all the way around. Then I white washed them and added the rope trim.
 Here they are with the plants.
 I hung brass lanterns for bedside lamps in the master bedroom.
And I added a small pot of succulents to brighten up the fireplace.

Just little touches but big improvements. I am getting ready to cut siding strips next. Not sure why I am dreading this so much but I know I will love the end result so I need to get busy.

Have a wonderful, blessing filled day!